Hedgehog House, Willow Branch

ID: WA06

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A good nest is vitally important to hedgehogs. This allows them to successfully make it through their hibernation. A nest is often made under a pile of logs, in a compost heap or a pile of leaves. However a lot of the time our neatly organized landscape doesn’t provide the hedgehog with a place to build a nest. This hedgehog basket is, an imitation of a natural nest, the perfect home for a hedgehog. Place the hedgehog basket on a somewhat dry surface in a sheltered and quiet spot in the garden. Scatter some loose leaves in the basket. Then cover the basket with a thick layer of leaves, then a plastic tarp and then another layer of leaves, twigs and other natural material. The opening should remain free and preferably not be pointed towards the north or northeast. It is important that the construction is sturdy enough, so that dogs and badgers can not easily destroy it.

Measurements: 20.9×14.9×10.0, 1.72 lbs.

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