In 1989 Mrs. Mosterd started the business out of her 15th century farmhouse “Het Esschert” in the middle of the beautiful Twentse landscape. Her business consisted of selling gift items and items for the dining room table. Appropriately she named the business “Esschert Design”.

In 1993 she was joined by 2 of her 4 sons: Arend and Gerard Mosterd. They helped to create the wholesale distribution division. Arend had just graduated from the University of Amsterdam, and Gerard had just left the military service, after earning a degree in Business Economics.

They started their wholesale distribution business with the items they had developed themselves and were being produced exclusively from Esschert Design. This division was launched at a major trade show in Utrecht (Holland), in March 1993. They soon outgrew their converted barns on the family farm. They bought a bigger barn across the street. As the distribution business matured and required everyone’s time they stopped their retail business. During the following years the company grew fast and it expanded out into several different categories without losing sight of their objective to stay unique and ahead of any possible competitors. Esschert Design found its niche in home and garden gifts. Unique products but practical to use.

Slowly production was moved out of Holland to Eastern Europe and the Far East. This allowed Esschert Design to develop and produce their unique products quicker and at better prices, helping them to penetrate much deeper in to the Dutch markets. Soon their products were being noticed and eagerly sought after by retailers in many different countries: Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, England, Scandinavia, and even Canada. Soon Esschert Design was able to develop relationships in each of these countries with distributors.

By 2001 Esschert Design was forced to move from their beautiful rural barns, to a modern industrial park in Hengelo. But even this location was not enough, and after 3 years they moved to their current location in Enschede, buying an 800 m2 (8,000 sq.ft.) office building, and a 9.000 m2 (90,000 sq.ft.) warehouse on a 20.000 m2 (200,000 sq.ft.) site.

Today Esschert Design exports more then 4 million items to over 30 countries and growing. Double digit growth is expected for the foreseeable future. Arend and Gerard Mosterd are sole shareholders.