The Esschert Web Shop

A high quality range of simple, durable garden tools, made from ash wood and stainless steel. Together with the garden tool bags, tool belts, aprons and gardener’s stool, this collection will impress even the professional gardeners. We also include topiary shears, flower pot brushes, twine in a can, garden row markers, and a wide assortment of other garden tools and necessities.

We have expanded our collection of garden tools again this year to include more of our gift boxed line of tools and accessories and also some themed sets of tools in gift boxes such as Pruning sets, indoor gardening sets, and even Christmas tree preparation sets.

A functional but more feminine ladies garden apron and a long apron with a split in the front for ease of movement to the garden textile line have been added this year. The FSC certified hardwood greenhouses and potting table are again available.